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You have to choose a company for home shifting services with a lot of thought, and We provide our service in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Peshawar, Sargodha. But now you will not have any problem or hassle.

Most people do not know that there are companies in Pakistan for home shifting.

They are providing complete service from packing to setting, and we are one of them. We provide our service in all cities of Pakistan, so you will not need to visit our office.

Search by typing our company name on Google or by typing home shifting services, then our website will appear in front of you from where you can get our office address, and all our contact numbers are on our website. You can call them for free, and not only that, but you can message us or email us.

We will give you the answer. We will come to your Home and do the survey, which is absolutely free—no need to pay.

Now we will tell you about some of the features of our company so that you can visit our company bar before taking our service. Please find out how we work and how much we charge.

Home Shifting Services In Islamabad

We are providing home shifting services in Islamabad and all surrounding areas.

You can visit our office to get local home shifting services from Islamabad to Rawalpindi, and also, you can call us on call. Will also be a complete guide because first of all, it is very important for you to know how the packing will be.

Dear listeners, first of all, we will tell you about the packing.

Fitting will also be expensive. Our staff will come to your Home and bring the material inside a Shehzor or Suzuki.

Then, first of all, we will bake your kitchen crockery well and put it in the carton. It will be taped off, and then the crockery will be written on the cotton.

The name of the item will be written on the top of whatever will be packed because when the shifting of your Home will start, then the goods will be opened. There will be no problem. Our company is the number one company in Pakistan.

We have shifted thousands of families to different places inside Pakistan but one, Of course, our charges are much more expensive. Obviously, you have to pay more to provide good service.

There are also cheap shifting companies in the market, but there is a risk of breaking both your furniture and crockery.

There is no guarantee, but we guarantee all your household goods and luggage. You will not find a good company from us for shifting inside Islamabad city.

Packers And Movers In Karachi House Moving Company

Before taking home shifting services in Karachi, you have to take care of a few things so that you do not face any problems during shifting. We are always at your service. Obviously, this is the purpose of creating this company.

  • You have to tell the company first whether you live in the house or in the flat.
  • Must obtain quotation before shifting
  • Make the list mandatory after packing the furniture
  • Lock the car
  • Inspect the material thoroughly before packing
  • What kind of packing is intended?
  • Types of packing are local packing, professional packing, and international packing
  • Settle on the money before shifting
  • Women pack their own personal items

If you are sending luggage from Karachi to Islamabad Rawalpindi or Lahore, then obviously, you will have complete household goods.

The whole house has been shifted then your luggage is very expensive.

Try to get your goods insured so that In case of any kind of accident on the way, you should not face any problem.

Our company does not provide insurance. For this, you have to contact an insurance company. There are many insurance companies in Karachi which can cover the cost of your luggage.

Will insure after you see it and you will have to pay some money. If you take care of these things, then you will not need to take any correction from anyone to take home shifting services for the rest of your life.

Not only this, with the help of this company you will be able to guide the company on how to pack and what kind of car to install and how to set up your furniture.

This is the purpose of writing this article so that you can be well guided on how the packing is done. How does shifting happen?

House Luggage Shifting Services In Rawalpindi

You know very well that Rawalpindi is a very old city and the people living in it are almost the same as the residents, but since it started to be a beautiful town like Bahria Town and Defense Town there has been a lot of movement of people.

Hundreds of families in Bahria Town take home shifting services daily.

Some people even take home shifting services from one street to another because even if you have to shift your luggage from one street to another. You have to take our service.

Of course, if you want to send your goods within a city or any city of Pakistan like Rawalpindi Islamabad Islamabad Lahore Multan Karachi Faisalabad Sargodha, you can still avail our service. Now you don’t have to go anywhere, just call us, and we will come to you ourselves.

Packing of your goods will be done and loading and complete setting. After that, you will not need anything. That is why the purpose of creating this company is just to call us.

After that, all the work is ours. The staff will be ours.

L vehicles will be ours packing loading furniture packing crockery packing everything we will do for you you will not need to go to the base to find laborers because we already have experienced staff who do daily work This is home shifting, now it has become our homework, how to pack furniture, how to load and most importantly, how to set furniture according to your desire in all cities of Pakistan.

Providing your service is the name of our company.

Packers and Movers in Faisalabad
IPack Packers And Movers In Islamabad

Home Shifting Services In Lahore

Speaking of Lahore, you know very well that Lahore is the second-largest city in Pakistan. That is, the packers and movers service is so widely used in Lahore. And we are providing home shifting services in Lahore as well as packing loading warehouse service.

Shifting from Lahore to Islamabad is not so easy. You can shift your luggage to any place in Islamabad. Most of the people shift their luggage to Bahria and Defense Town, but the whole of Islamabad is very beautiful. What I want to tell you right now is that a 20 feet container from Lahore to Islamabad costs around Rs. 24,000.

And besides packing, loading, unloading, then you have to set up the equipment. It doesn’t take much time to set up the furniture because our staff already knows what to put where.

Lahore to Islamabad home shifting charges about 70 feet container will cost 70,000 charges.

Charges from Lahore to Islamabad and Rawalpindi are almost the same. There is not much difference. We charge very low charges from Lahore. The reason is that the material in Lahore is very cheap, and the material in Islamabad is much more expensive. Due to this shifting, charges in Islamabad have to be questioned a lot.

Packers And Movers Photos

We make packing pictures wherever we shift so that we can show the images to our new customers.

After looking at the pictures, you decide whether you should hire in-house shifting services from our company or not.

We have already told you that as many people as we have shifted inside Pakistan, they further refer people to our company.

In these pictures you can quickly see how we have packed the furniture then also the views of the loaded goods in the car we have also shown you first then you see the sofa seat first on the sofa We applied plastic, then the liner, then a thick sheet of cardboard, then shilling, so we packed the sofa set.

Home Shifting Services In Multan

Now we are also providing home shifting service in Multan. By the way, we get very few calls from Multan because the people of Multan are not in the habit of shifting home with packing yet.

Material from Multan is much cheaper because there are factories that make materials, but now people know very well that if we pick up anything from the factory, it is much cheaper.

That is why in Multan we make shifting much cheaper. Most people do not hire the company for shifting.

The packaging of crockery and furniture is very cheap there. Obviously, if the material is cheaper, then there will be less cost on packing but not only on packing.

The loading also has to be done, and for that, we need a car, and besides the staff, we have our own which we pay a lot of money because our staff is very different from your workers because it Experienced and their daily job is to do home shifting crockery and furniture and decoration packaging unparalleled.

The tape is applied, then the crockery is packed in cotton, and the cotton is tightly closed.

When it comes to furniture with sofas and beds at the top, we first open the bed, separate all its watts, and then start packing the bed. We secure the goods with 100% guarantee.

Take away our years of experience.